Geplaatst op 02/09/2024 00:00

Advanced settings for promotional tools! 🔥 Customize your promotion frequencies!

Dear partners!

You can now set your own promotion frequency!

🔸 Select one of the suggested frequency options: every hour, every 3, 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours.

🔸 Otherwise, specify the interval manually, up to a minute!

Advanced settings are available for Video Slider, Out-Stream, Postitial, Pre-Roll (Fluid Player), Popunder Code, and Mobile Popunder Code.

We've also added the feature to select the frequency for Sticky Banners and Chat Heads!

⚙️ You can set the frequency on top of the page of the selected promotional tool.

Set any promotion frequency you prefer to attract more traffic and increase your income! 💰